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Traffic Tickets

If you've gotten a traffic ticket, you may need a lawyer.

Colorado's traffic laws can be complex. You may face points against your driver's license along with fines and costs.

Your license could be suspended for excessive points for traffic offences. A lawyer can help you discover how many points you have on your license; whether you can get a provisional (red) license to drive to work or school; and how you can get your license back if suspended.

Aside from losing your license for points you could lose your license as a habitual traffic offender. A lawyer can explain which traffic offenses count against you and how Colorado's habitual traffic offender law will affect you.

At every stage there are opportunities to lessen your penalties or even prevent convictions.

Circle Law will address your case on an individual basis. Attorney John Scanlan will take every opportunity to lessen your penalties.

You need to act quickly; deadlines can pass without your realizing it.

Contact Circle Law to set up an appointment: John Scanlan

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