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Construction Defect Cases - Construction Litigation

Prior to entering the practice of law, Attorney John Scanlan worked for more than 15 years in the construction industry. As a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado, Illinois and Indiana he managed multi-million dollar heating and ventilation projects, coordinated with contractors and was responsible for ensuring that work was performed in accordance with both applicable building codes and contract requirements.

Scanlan knows from personal experience and his own observations that not every contractor takes those obligations seriously, and that property owners sometimes need legal help to get what they were promised, or to seek compensation when construction work isn't up to par or isn't completed on schedule.

He also knows that every professional occasionally faces a dissatisfied customer, regardless of his best efforts, and may need legal advice or representation to protect his business.

This familiarity with construction plans, best practices in the industry, code requirements, standard contract terms and the general obligations of the architects, engineers, contractors and other construction professionals involved in the process gives Scanlan a unique perspective on and knowledge base for construction litigation cases.

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