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The court system can be confusing and frustrating when it's unfamiliar and something important like your freedom, your driver's license, custody of your children or the future of your business is on the line. The Circle Law is here to help.

Law Practice Areas

Bankruptcy can be a difficult choice, but Circle Law can help you navigate the bankruptcy court. Circle Law can help you determine whether to file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 and whether to file a bankruptcy at all. Circle Law can stop a foreclosure or repossession and help you keep your property.

Construction Defects
Attorney John Scanlan has fifteen years of experience designing HVAC systems and working with architects, contractors, and owners. Errors and omissions happen, but you shouldn't pay through the nose for someone else's errors. Circle Law starts from a fact based analysis to determine where fault lies (contractor, designer, owner, code enforcement, etc.) and then works to resolve your case in your best interests.

Mechanic's Liens
You didn't get paid? Whether you're a contractor or material provider, Colorado law protects your interests from contractors and owners who refuse to pay for your services. Colorado mechanics lien laws, however, are complex. You need to understand the deadlines for filing a lien and the procedure for perfecting and pursuing recovery on the lien.

Divorce can be a nightmare, but Circle Law can help you get through this most difficult time. Circle Law is child centered . . . the best interests of your children come first. Following resolution of child custody issues Circle Law will get you the best property settlement and maintenance possible under Colorado domestic relations law. If you or your spouse has a change in income Circle Law can obtain a modification of maintenance (alimony) or child support.

A DUI doesn't have to ruin your life. You need to understand your rights under Colorado traffic and criminal law. Circle Law can help you navigate the criminal courts and DMV. Accepting a DUI can cost you . . . suspension of your drivers license, ignition interlock, and SR-22 insurance. Whether you've been charged with DUI, DWAI, DUR (driving under revocation) Circle Law can protect your driving privileges.

Traffic tickets can make your life difficult. Have you been overcharged? Have you gotten a ticket from a traffic van or camera? You need to know how many points you have on your license keep your points below the Colorado legal limit. Circle Law can help you reduce the points for your ticket and keep your drivers license.

Do you know Colorado's bicycle laws? Denver laws restrict where and how you can ride a bicycle in the city. I've seen Denver police officer crackdowns on riding on the sidewalk, violating vehicle traffic laws, and generally making riding difficult. You need to know when you've violated the law and when your riding rights have been violated. Circle Law can help you navigate the traffic courts obtain a rider friendly solution.

Sports Injury
Accidents happen. John Scanlan has had over 30 years experience in athletics. Circle Law can help coaches, owners, and plaintiffs through the grueling process of a lawsuit. Medical costs need to be covered, but they don’t necessarily have to ruin either party’s future. Circle Law begins with a fact based analysis of an athlete’s injury, then applies Colorado and Federal law to determine the optimal recover


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