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Representative Project List

  • VA Hospital, Grand Junction Co. Remodeled laboratory and examination room space.

  • Fairchild Hall. US Air Force Academy. Remodeled large portions of 1.5 million square foot educational facility including classrooms, laboratories and lecture halls. Client: US Army corps of Engineers.

  • US Army Fort Greeley, AK. Study of utility modifications for Army base realignment. Arctic conditions.

  • Huntington Hospital. Huntington, IN. Design of 250-horsepower heating and 510-ton cooling plant for in-patient hospital. Also designed ventilating systems for 100,000 SF addition to the facility.

  • United Airlines, Indianapolis, IN. Design of HVAC system for UAL maintenance facility employee center.

  • WVBC Broadcasting, Indianapolis, IN. Design and commissioning for heating and cooling system for studio, production center, and office facility. Just-in-time design process.

  • Claypool Courts, Indianapolis, IN. Designed renovations for heating and cooling systems in multilevel, 100,000 SF retail mall.

  • Blocks Building, Indianapolis, IN. Energy and economic study of alternatives for 15,000 MBH heating and 1,600-ton cooling system for an 8-story historic retail and office building.

  • Godfather's Pizza, Indianapolis, IN. Study to determine the cause of poor indoor air quality in building lobby.

  • Batesville Casket. Batesville, IN. Design and commissioning of 5-story office building and 3-story business center. The project utilized two 200-ton heat recovery chillers and electric boilers. The project provided the owner with a $40,000 incentive from the local power company and allows the VAV reheat system to use condenser water for heating in non-peak heating months.

  • Harrison High School. Lafayette, IN. Design of HVAC system for a 300,000 SF remodel and addition comprising classrooms, laboratories, competitive gymnasiums, and swimming pools.

  • Whispering Springs Elementary School. Fort Wayne, IN. Design of HVAC system for new 100,000 SF educational facility.

  • Fremont Middle School. Fremont. IN. Design of HVAC system for new 150,000 SF educational facility. The project utilized ice storage technology.

  • Embassy Hotel. Fort Wayne, IN. Design of HVAC system for conversion of 5-story historic hotel into office space. The project utilized ice storage and low temperature air technologies.

  • Putnam County Library, Greencastle, IN. Design of HVAC system for historic library and building addition.

  • Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, University of Illinois, Urbana, II. Added cooling to existing laboratory and classroom building. Constructed between 1901 and 1958, this building included eleven different levels in three buildings.

  • Santa Rosa Health Care Center, San Antonio, TX. Design of HVAC systems for hospital complex. This project focused on converting a parking garage into surgery and critical care areas

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