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Can I file my own bankruptcy?

You may be asking ... do I need an attorney or can I file bankruptcy myself? Filing bankruptcy on your own can save you money upfront but cost you in the long run. The bankruptcy process can be overwhelming and you need to look into your financial future as well as the short term benefits to filing banktuptcy.

The Colorado District of the Bankruptcy Court says ...

          "You may file a bankruptcy petition on your own if you are an individual, but not if you are a corporation or partnership. However, the relief available to you, the obligations imposed on you and the ramifications associated with the bankruptcy are EXTREMELY COMPLEX. It is difficult to have a successful bankruptcy case without the help of competent legal counsel. Therefore, hiring a competent bankruptcy attorney is highly recommended."
                    United States Bankruptcy Court - District of Colorado (emphasis original)

Circle Law can help you review your financial circumstances and determine whether bankruptcy may be an option for you. Contact Circle Law.